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Golf blogger at the Times Union
Pro to the question "Is Golf a Sport?"

“So is golf a game or a sport? A pastime or an athletic event? The American Heritage Dictionary calls it a game, but Wikipedia calls it a sport. O bother!…

Golf is obviously then, an amalgam of sports and games. On the one hand, you have to walk five miles up and down hills. Stamina is required.

You must marry a tiny point on a clubhead, six feet from your body, traveling at about 100 miles per hour, with a precise point on a ball. You must do this on a perfect swing plane using 22 muscle groups.

Physical finesse is required. You must determine the routing of the ball according to the hole layout, your lie, the wind and other factors such as that nasty tree on No. 6.

You must ignore the head games of your opponents, especially if you play with the miscreants I am burdened with on a regular basis.

So golf requires mental sharpness and the ability to take a number of factors, process them and make the wrong decision. I think we can say with unequivocal preciseness that golf is a mental/physical game/sport.”

“Is Golf a Sport?,” Times Union, Aug. 25, 2012

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