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Con to the question "Is Golf a Sport?"

“In order to settle this dispute, I wanted first to nail down the definition of a sport and then see if golf fits the definition…

You would think the dispute could be settled by checking the dictionary, but my dictionary defines sport as ‘physical activity engaged in for pleasure’ Sorry, Webster, but that can’t be right. If it were, then ‘Duck-Duck-Goose’ would be a sport, as would miming, which would make Justin Timberlake an athlete based on his, uh, ‘dancing…’

Mark Giangreco, primary sports anchor at ABC’s Ch. 7, also gave me two criteria for a sport. ‘You have to have some degree of athleticism,’ Giangreco said. ‘So you sorta, hafta break a sweat. And you need to have hand-eye coordination’ when playing it.

According to Giangreco, golf and bowling are sports, poker is not. When I mentioned that foosball could fit his criteria, he added a third criteria: If you can drink a beer while doing it, it’s not a sport…

And I’m still not convinced golf is a sport.”

“So Tell Me Again Why Golf Is a Sport?,”, May 5, 2006

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