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Former contributor to "Daily Feed" in Salt Lake City's City Weekly
Con to the question "Is Golf a Sport?"

“My boy Brian, or as I refer to him… ‘Snow Pea’ is crushed by the events of Tiger Woods failings.

So much so, that he is back on his ‘Golf is too a sport’ kick. Sorry Brian, it’s not. He thinks golf requires athleticism, because the AP named Woods ‘Athlete of the Decade.’ Wrong. That just makes AP some money, and still a ridiculous award. Particularly when they passed on Roger Federer and Lance Armstrong. Not only could Tiger Woods not last a day in either of those athlete’s sports, I doubt he could hack one day of training in tennis or cycling.

Also Tiger tore his MCL a few years back… bending over to pick up a golf ball. True story. Not an athlete, sorry…

Also, with zero training and or knowledge of golf, I can hit a golf ball 300 yards straight. All my golfing buddies thought that was pretty impressive, but that just proves the fact that golf is not a sport.”

“Dear Brian: Golf Is Not a Sport,”, Dec. 17, 2009

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