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Pro to the question "Is Golf a Sport?"

“Is walking 18 holes or more in 95 degree heat in a U.S. Open less strenuous that playing leftfield in a major-league baseball game? Or being an NFL placekicker? Golf is closer to, say, baseball in strenuousness than baseball is to, say, triathlon…

But if you try to come up with a serious, sensible, honest definition of sport that excludes golf, you can’t do it…

To be a sport, an activity must be 1. inherently competitive, and 2. require, in order to compete, athletic movements. Many things (ballroom dancing, for example) are athletic and not sports, and many things (poker, chess) are competitive and not sports. Have to be both.

There are a few tough judgment calls – auto racing, gymnastics (I’m inclined to say yes on both) – but golf isn’t close to being one of them…

The golf swing is obviously an athletic movement, and the game is among the more inherently competitive activities created by mankind. End of argument.

Of course, golf is a sport. Come on, people.”

“Is Golf a Sport,”, July 20, 2009

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