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Con to the question "Is Golf a Sport?"

“Golf isn’t a sport. The amount of athleticism required to play golf is about the same as it is to be a good bowler.

How else do you explain that a man who is nearly 60 [Tom Watson] came extremely close to winning a golf major?

This story might be inspirational but for the sport of golf it should also be mortifying. Actually, it’s a tad embarrassing.

What does it say about a sport when it takes a playoff round to finally beat Watson despite Watson’s age?

It says golf isn’t a sport, that’s what it says…

There are no 59-year-old running backs, outfielders or point guards because the level of athleticism is so extreme in those sports that if someone Watson’s age tried to play them they’d get broken into tiny pieces…

The athleticism required to play golf is so minimal it’s negligible.”

“Old-man Watson Proves Golf Is Far from Legitimate Sport,”, July 20, 2009

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