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ESPN Radio Host and Columnist for Fore Magazine
Pro to the question "Is Golf a Sport?"

“I hear the silly argument all the time: Golfers aren’t athletes. Funny, I only hear it from people who don’t play golf. That’s because the golfer understands how many athletic movements are needed in order to play well. There is athleticism in trying to hit out of a bunker, plain and simple. Hooking a ball around a tree to get back in the fairway takes athleticism…

Maybe the best evidence is the fact that so many athletes from other sports play golf. In other words, what does a big time athlete do to challenge themselves outside their normal game? They play golf…

What is the anatomy of an athlete? An athlete uses his or her body to get competitive juices flowing, release stress and energy, express themselves and have fun. So, that makes golfers athletes. And it makes athletes want to golf.”

“Range Tokens: If Golfers Aren’t Athletes, Then Why Do So Many Athletes Play Golf?,” Fore Magazine, Summer 2014

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