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Con to the question "Is Golf a Sport?"

“Tom Watson. When he almost won the British Open in 2009, it was thrilling. I was there. Imagine a 59-year old winning a major championship in a sport. No, I can’t imagine it, either. Watson nearly buried the golf-is-a-sport argument, a year after old Greg Norman nearly won. No way can a 59-year old beat the young guys at the highest level of a sport.

Larry Bird is in his early- to mid-50s. You think he could play in the NBA today?…

Beer gut. John Daly is the poster child. Craig Stadler used to be. Too many others to name. Daly used to be fat, but now isn’t. No matter how much golf he played, he couldn’t lose the weight. He needed Lap-band surgery…

Golf is not a sport. Whatever you call it, though, that doesn’t change what’s required. It takes coordination, flexibility, some strength — or girth — and the ability to tip the servant carrying your bag, cleaning your shoes, giving you sandwiches during battle.”

“Golf Isn’t a Sport,” Golf List Mania!: The Most Authoritative and Opinionated Rankings of the Best and Worst of the Game, 2011

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