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Dave Hollander, JD Biography

Author and sports columnist
Con to the question "Is Golf a Sport?"

“Golf does not even rise to the level of ‘a good walk spoiled’ because the primary action of walking is not required. So says PGA Tour v. Martin (2001) where the Supreme Court ordered the PGA to allow disabled golfer Casey Martin to use a golf cart in between holes rather than walk… How can you call something a sport where being ambulatory is not a basic minimum physical requirement?

A ‘sport’ requires athleticism. Athletes are people who demonstrate superior physical skill in the areas of strength, agility and stamina… There’s got to be at least some running to call it a sport. I’d prefer some contact, too. But ‘no walking required’? You call that a sport?

Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s a sport. Computer programming and brain surgery are difficult. They are not sports. Just because you compete doesn’t make it a sport either. Pretzel vendors compete. Art galleries compete. Hell, a spelling bee is a competition. Golf is recreation–something to pass the time. It is no more a sport than marbles or cat’s cradle.”

“Is Golf A Sport? Seriously.,” Huffington Post, May 12, 2008

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