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Con to the question "Is Golf a Sport?"

“To me a sport requires physical ability so that immediately knocks out the intellectual events such as poker or chess. While mastering either of the two requires a good deal of time, energy, training, and skill… so does sewing. And sewing is most definitely not a sport. A sport also needs to require some sort of skill or ability above and beyond that of the average person but simply being ‘hard to do’ can not be the sole definition of what makes a sport… Golf, to me, does not fit this requirement because again, it is difficult to become a ‘good’ golfer but the fundamental act of hitting a golf ball is not an uncommon act of physical strength, stamina, or agility…

I define Golf as an event… Not labelling golf as a ‘sport’ is not intended to be an insult or a jab at the game but rather to more accurately define it and differentiate it from other games which, to my way of thinking, fit the word better.”

“Why Golf Is Not a Sport,”, June 15, 2011

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