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MET Values for 800+ Activities

Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) values are a way to estimate how many calories are burned during a specific physical activity, according to the American Council on Exercise. This table shows the MET values that researchers have assigned to various activities. A higher value correlates with more oxygen used by the body during that activity, so running has a higher MET value than sitting still, for example.

According to The Compendium of Physical Activities, “MET (Metabolic Equivalent) [is] the ratio of the work metabolic rate to the resting metabolic rate. One MET is defined as 1 kcal/kg/hour and is roughly equivalent to the energy cost of sitting quietly. A MET also is defined as oxygen uptake in ml/kg/min with one MET equal to the oxygen cost of sitting quietly, equivalent to 3.5 ml/kg/min.”

ActivitySpecific MotionMETs
bicyclingbicycling, mountain, uphill, vigorous14
bicyclingbicycling, mountain, competitive, racing16
bicyclingbicycling, BMX8.5
bicyclingbicycling, mountain, general8.5
bicyclingbicycling, <10 mph, leisure, to work or for pleasure4
bicyclingbicycling, to/from work, self selected pace6.8
bicyclingbicycling, on dirt or farm road, moderate pace5.8
bicyclingbicycling, general7.5
bicyclingbicycling, leisure, 5.5 mph3.5
bicyclingbicycling, leisure, 9.4 mph5.8
bicyclingbicycling, 10-11.9 mph, leisure, slow, light effort6.8
bicyclingbicycling, 12-13.9 mph, leisure, moderate effort8
bicyclingbicycling, 14-15.9 mph, racing or leisure, fast, vigorous effort10
bicyclingbicycling, 16-19 mph, racing/not drafting or > 19 mph drafting, very fast, racing general12
bicyclingbicycling, > 20 mph, racing, not drafting15.8
bicyclingbicycling, 12 mph, seated, hands on brake hoods or bar drops, 80 rpm8.5
bicyclingbicycling, 12 mph, standing, hands on brake hoods, 60 rpm9
conditioning exerciseactivity promoting video game (e.g., Wii Fit), light effort (e.g., balance, yoga)2.3
conditioning exerciseactivity promoting video game (e.g., Wii Fit), moderate effort (e.g., aerobic, resistance)3.8
conditioning exerciseactivity promoting video/arcade game (e.g., Exergaming, Dance Dance Revolution), vigorous effort7.2
conditioning exercisearmy type obstacle course exercise, boot camp training program5
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, general7
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 30-50 watts, very light to light effort3.5
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 90-100 watts, moderate to vigorous effort6.8
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 101-160 watts, vigorous effort8.8
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 161-200 watts, vigorous effort11
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 201-270 watts, very vigorous effort14
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, 51-89 watts, light-to-moderate effort4.8
conditioning exercisebicycling, stationary, RPM/Spin bike class8.5
conditioning exercisecalisthenics (e.g., push ups, sit ups, pull-ups, jumping jacks), vigorous effort8
conditioning exercisecalisthenics (e.g., push ups, sit ups, pull-ups, lunges), moderate effort3.8
conditioning exercisecalisthenics (e.g., situps, abdominal crunches), light effort2.8
conditioning exercisecalisthenics, light or moderate effort, general (e.g., back exercises), going up & down from floor ( 150)3.5
conditioning exercisecircuit training, moderate effort4.3
conditioning exercisecircuit training, including kettlebells, some aerobic movement with minimal rest, general, vigorous intensity8
conditioning exerciseCurvesTM exercise routines in women3.5
conditioning exerciseElliptical trainer, moderate effort5
conditioning exerciseresistance training (weight lifting, free weight, nautilus or universal), power lifting or body building, vigorous effort6
conditioning exerciseresistance (weight) training, squats , slow or explosive effort5
conditioning exerciseresistance (weight) training, multiple exercises, 8-15 repetitions at varied resistance3.5
conditioning exercisehealth club exercise, general5.5
conditioning exercisehealth club exercise classes, general, gym/weight training combined in one visit5
conditioning exercisehealth club exercise, conditioning classes7.8
conditioning exercisehome exercise, general3.8
conditioning exercisestair-treadmill ergometer, general9
conditioning exerciserope skipping, general12.3
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary ergometer, general, vigorous effort6
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary, general, moderate effort4.8
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary, 100 watts, moderate effort7
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary, 150 watts, vigorous effort8.5
conditioning exerciserowing, stationary, 200 watts, very vigorous effort12
conditioning exerciseski machine, general6.8
conditioning exerciseslide board exercise, general11
conditioning exerciseslimnastics, jazzercise6
conditioning exercisestretching, mild2.3
conditioning exercisepilates, general3
conditioning exerciseteaching exercise class (e.g., aerobic, water)6.8
conditioning exercisetherapeutic exercise ball, Fitball exercise2.8
conditioning exerciseupper body exercise, arm ergometer2.8
conditioning exerciseupper body exercise, stationary bicycle – Airdyne (arms only) 40 rpm, moderate4.3
conditioning exercisewater aerobics, water calisthenics, water exercise5.3
conditioning exercisewhirlpool, sitting1.3
conditioning exercisevideo exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., yoga, stretching), light effort2.3
conditioning exercisevideo exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., cardio-resistance), moderate effort4
conditioning exercisevideo exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., cardio-resistance), vigorous effort6
conditioning exerciseyoga, Hatha2.5
conditioning exerciseyoga, Power4
conditioning exerciseyoga, Nadisodhana2
conditioning exerciseyoga, Surya Namaskar3.3
conditioning exercisenative New Zealander physical activities (e.g., Haka Powhiri, Moteatea, Waita Tira, Whakawatea, etc.), general, moderate effort5.3
conditioning exercisenative New Zealander physical activities (e.g., Haka, Taiahab), general, vigorous effort6.8
dancingballet, modern, or jazz, general, rehearsal or class5
dancingballet, modern, or jazz, performance, vigorous effort6.8
dancingaerobic, general7.3
dancingaerobic, step, with 6 – 8 inch step7.5
dancingaerobic, step, with 10 – 12 inch step9.5
dancingaerobic, step, with 4-inch step5.5
dancingbench step class, general8.5
dancingaerobic, low impact5
dancingaerobic, high impact7.3
dancingaerobic dance wearing 10-15 lb weights10
dancingethnic or cultural dancing (e.g., Greek, Middle Eastern, hula, salsa, merengue, bamba y plena, flamenco, belly, and swing)4.5
dancingballroom, fast5.5
dancinggeneral dancing (e.g., disco, folk, Irish step dancing, line dancing, polka, contra, country)7.8
dancingballroom dancing, competitive, general11.3
dancingballroom, slow (e.g., waltz, foxtrot, slow dancing, samba, tango, 19th century dance, mambo, cha cha)3
dancingAnishinaabe Jingle Dancing5.5
dancingCaribbean dance (Abakua, Beguine, Bellair, Bongo, Brukin’s, Caribbean Quadrills, Dinki Mini, Gere, Gumbay, Ibo, Jonkonnu, Kumina, Oreisha, Jambu)3.5
fishing and huntingfishing, general3.5
fishing and huntingfishing, crab fishing4.5
fishing and huntingfishing, catching fish with hands4
fishing and huntingfishing related, digging worms, with shovel4.3
fishing and huntingfishing from river bank and walking4
fishing and huntingfishing from boat or canoe, sitting2
fishing and huntingfishing from river bank, standing3.5
fishing and huntingfishing in stream, in waders6
fishing and huntingfishing, ice, sitting2
fishing and huntingfishing, jog or line, standing, general1.8
fishing and huntingfishing, dip net, setting net and retrieving fish, general3.5
fishing and huntingfishing, set net, setting net and retrieving fish, general3.8
fishing and huntingfishing, fishing wheel, setting net and retrieving fish, general3
fishing and huntingfishing with a spear, standing2.3
fishing and huntinghunting, bow and arrow, or crossbow2.5
fishing and huntinghunting, deer, elk, large game6
fishing and huntinghunting large game, dragging carcass11.3
fishing and huntinghunting large marine animals4
fishing and huntinghunting large game, from a hunting stand, limited walking2.5
fishing and huntinghunting large game from a car, plane, or boat2
fishing and huntinghunting, duck, wading2.5
fishing and huntinghunting, flying fox, squirrel3
fishing and huntinghunting, general5
fishing and huntinghunting, pheasants or grouse6
fishing and huntinghunting, birds3.3
fishing and huntinghunting, rabbit, squirrel, prairie chick, raccoon, small game5
fishing and huntinghunting, pigs, wild3.3
fishing and huntingtrapping game, general2
fishing and huntinghunting, hiking with hunting gear9.5
fishing and huntingpistol shooting or trap shooting, standing2.5
fishing and huntingrifle exercises, shooting, lying down2.3
fishing and huntingrifle exercises, shooting, kneeling or standing2.5
home activitiescleaning, sweeping carpet or floors, general3.3
home activitiescleaning, sweeping, slow, light effort2.3
home activitiescleaning, sweeping, slow, moderateeffort3.8
home activitiescleaning, heavy or major (e.g. wash car, wash windows, clean garage), moderate effort3.5
home activitiescleaning, mopping, standing, moderate effort3.5
home activitiescleaning windows, washing windows, general3.2
home activitiesmopping, standing, light effort2.5
home activitiespolishing floors, standing, walking slowly, using electric polishing machine4.5
home activitiesmultiple household tasks all at once, light effort2.8
home activitiesmultiple household tasks all at once, moderate effort3.5
home activitiesmultiple household tasks all at once, vigorous effort4.3
home activitiescleaning, house or cabin, general, moderate effort3.3
home activitiesdusting or polishing furniture, general2.3
home activitieskitchen activity, general, (e.g., cooking, washing dishes, cleaning up), moderate effort3.3
home activitiescleaning, general (straightening up, changing linen, carrying out trash, light effort2.5
home activitieswash dishes, standing or in general (not broken into stand/walk components)1.8
home activitieswash dishes, clearing dishes from table, walking, light effort2.5
home activitiesvacuuming, general, moderate effort3.3
home activitiesbutchering animals, small3
home activitiesbutchering animal, large, vigorous effort6
home activitiescutting and smoking fish, drying fish or meat2.3
home activitiestanning hides, general4
home activitiescooking or food preparation, moderate effort3.5
home activitiescooking or food preparation – standing or sitting or in general (not broken into stand/walk components), manual appliances, light effort2
home activitiesserving food, setting table, implied walking or standing2.5
home activitiescooking or food preparation, walking2.5
home activitiesfeeding household animals2.5
home activitiesputting away groceries (e.g. carrying groceries, shopping without a grocery cart), carrying packages2.5
home activitiescarrying groceries upstairs7.5
home activitiescooking Indian bread on an outside stove3
home activitiesfood shopping with or without a grocery cart, standing or walking2.3
home activitiesnon-food shopping, with or without a cart, standing or walking2.3
home activitiesironing1.8
home activitiesknitting, sewing, light effort, wrapping presents, sitting1.3
home activitiessewing with a machine2.8
home activitieslaundry, fold or hang clothes, put clothes in washer or dryer, packing suitcase, washing clothes by hand, implied standing, light effort2
home activitieslaundry, hanging wash, washing clothes by hand, moderate effort4
home activitieslaundry, putting away clothes, gathering clothes to pack, putting away laundry, implied walking2.3
home activitiesmaking bed, changing linens3.3
home activitiesmaple syruping/sugar bushing (including carrying buckets, carrying wood)5
home activitiesmoving furniture, household items, carrying boxes5.8
home activitiesmoving, lifting light loads5
home activitiesorganizing room4.8
home activitiesscrubbing floors, on hands and knees, scrubbing bathroom, bathtub, moderate effort3.5
home activitiesscrubbing floors, on hands and knees, scrubbing bathroom, bathtub, light effort2
home activitiesscrubbing floors, on hands and knees, scrubbing bathroom, bathtub, vigorous effort6.5
home activitiessweeping garage, sidewalk or outside of house4
home activitiesstanding, packing/unpacking boxes, occasional lifting of lightweight household items, loading or unloading items in car, moderate effort3.5
home activitiesimplied walking, putting away household items, moderate effort3
home activitieswatering plants2.5
home activitiesbuilding a fire inside2.5
home activitiesmoving household items upstairs, carrying boxes or furniture9
home activitiesstanding, light effort tasks (pump gas, change light bulb, etc.)2
home activitieswalking, moderate effort tasks, non-cleaning (readying to leave, shut/lock doors, close windows, etc.)3.5
home activitiessitting, playing with child(ren), light effort, only active periods2.2
home activitiesstanding, playing with child(ren) light effort, only active periods2.8
home activitieswalking/running, playing with child(ren), moderate effort, only active periods3.5
home activitieswalking/running, playing with child(ren), vigorous effort, only active periods5.8
home activitieswalking and carrying small child, child weighing 15 lbs or more3
home activitieswalking and carrying small child, child weighing less than 15 lbs2.3
home activitiesstanding, holding child2
home activitieschild care, infant, general2.5
home activitieschild care, sitting/kneeling (e.g., dressing, bathing, grooming, feeding, occasional lifting of child), light effort, general2
home activitieschild care, standing (e.g., dressing, bathing, grooming, feeding, occasional lifting of child), moderate effort3
home activitiesreclining with baby1.5
home activitiesbreastfeeding, sitting or reclining2
home activitiessit, playing with animals, light effort, only active periods2.5
home activitiesstand, playing with animals, light effort, only active periods2.8
home activitieswalk/run, playing with animals, general, light effort, only active periods3
home activitieswalk/run, playing with animals, moderate effort, only active periods4
home activitieswalk/run, playing with animals, vigorous effort, only active periods5
home activitiesstanding, bathing dog3.5
home activitiesanimal care, household animals, general2.3
home activitieselder care, disabled adult, bathing, dressing, moving into and out of bed, only active periods4
home activitieselder care, disabled adult, feeding, combing hair, light effort, only active periods2.3
home repairairplane repair3
home repairautomobile body work4
home repairautomobile repair, light or moderate effort3.3
home repaircarpentry, general, workshop3
home repaircarpentry, outside house, installing rain gutters,carpentry, outside house, building a fence6
home repaircarpentry, outside house, building a fence3.8
home repaircarpentry, finishing or refinishing cabinets or furniture3.3
home repaircarpentry, sawing hardwood6
home repaircarpentry, home remodeling tasks, moderate effort4
home repaircarpentry, home remodeling tasks, light effort2.3
home repaircaulking, chinking log cabin5
home repaircaulking, except log cabin4.5
home repaircleaning gutters5
home repairexcavating garage5
home repairhanging storm windows5
home repairhanging sheet rock inside house5
home repairhammering nails3
home repairhome repair, general, light effort2.5
home repairhome repair, general, moderate effort4.5
home repairhome repair, general, vigorous effort6
home repairlaying or removing carpet4.5
home repairlaying tile or linoleum,repairing appliances3.8
home repairrepairing appliances3
home repairpainting, outside home5
home repairpainting inside house,wallpapering, scraping paint3.3
home repairpainting4.5
home repairplumbing, general3
home repairput on and removal of tarp – sailboat3
home repairroofing6
home repairsanding floors with a power sander4.5
home repairscraping and painting sailboat or powerboat4.5
home repairsharpening tools2
home repairspreading dirt with a shovel5
home repairwashing and waxing hull of sailboat or airplane4.5
home repairwashing and waxing car2
home repairwashing fence, painting fence, moderate effort4.5
home repairwiring, tapping-splicing3.3
inactivity quiet/lightlying quietly and watching television1
inactivity quiet/lightlying quietly, doing nothing, lying in bed awake, listening to music (not talking or reading)1.3
inactivity quiet/lightsitting quietly and watching television1.3
inactivity quiet/lightsitting quietly, general1.3
inactivity quiet/lightsitting quietly, fidgeting, general, fidgeting hands1.5
inactivity quiet/lightsitting, fidgeting feet1.8
inactivity quiet/lightsitting, smoking1.3
inactivity quiet/lightsitting, listening to music (not talking or reading) or watching a movie in a theater1.5
inactivity quiet/lightsitting at a desk, resting head in hands1.3
inactivity quiet/lightsleeping0.95
inactivity quiet/lightstanding quietly, standing in a line1.3
inactivity quiet/lightstanding, fidgeting1.8
inactivity quiet/lightreclining, writing1.3
inactivity quiet/lightreclining, talking or talking on phone1.3
inactivity quiet/lightreclining, reading1.3
inactivity quiet/lightmeditating1
lawn and gardencarrying, loading or stacking wood, loading/unloading or carrying lumber, light-to-moderate effort3.3
lawn and gardencarrying, loading or stacking wood, loading/unloading or carrying lumber5.5
lawn and gardenchopping wood, splitting logs, moderate effort4.5
lawn and gardenchopping wood, splitting logs, vigorous effort6.3
lawn and gardenclearing light brush, thinning garden, moderate effort3.5
lawn and gardenclearing brush/land, undergrowth, or ground, hauling branches, wheelbarrow chores, vigorous effort6.3
lawn and gardendigging sandbox, shoveling sand5
lawn and gardendigging, spading, filling garden, composting, light-to-moderate effort3.5
lawn and gardendigging, spading, filling garden, compositing5
lawn and gardendigging, spading, filling garden, composting, vigorous effort7.8
lawn and gardendriving tractor2.8
lawn and gardenfelling trees, large size8.3
lawn and gardenfelling trees, small-medium size5.3
lawn and gardengardening with heavy power tools, tilling a garden, chain saw5.8
lawn and gardengardening, using containers, older adults > 60 years2.3
lawn and gardenirrigation channels, opening and closing ports4
lawn and gardenlaying crushed rock6.3
lawn and gardenlaying sod5
lawn and gardenmowing lawn, general5.5
lawn and gardenmowing lawn, riding mower2.5
lawn and gardenmowing lawn, walk, hand mower6
lawn and gardenmowing lawn, walk, power mower, moderate or vigorous effort5
lawn and gardenmowing lawn, power mower, light or moderate effort4.5
lawn and gardenoperating snow blower, walking2.5
lawn and gardenplanting, potting, transplanting seedlings or plants, light effort2
lawn and gardenplanting seedlings, shrub, stooping, moderate effort4.3
lawn and gardenplanting crops or garden, stooping, moderate effort4.3
lawn and gardenplanting trees4.5
lawn and gardenraking lawn or leaves, moderate effort3.8
lawn and gardenraking lawn4
lawn and gardenraking roof with snow rake4
lawn and gardenriding snow blower3
lawn and gardensacking grass, leaves4
lawn and gardenshoveling dirt or mud5.5
lawn and gardenshoveling snow, by hand, moderate effort5.3
lawn and gardenshoveling snow, by hand6
lawn and gardenshoveling snow, by hand, vigorous effort7.5
lawn and gardentrimming shrubs or trees, manual cutter4
lawn and gardentrimming shrubs or trees, power cutter, using leaf blower, edge, moderate effort3.5
lawn and gardenwalking, applying fertilizer or seeding a lawn, push applicator3
lawn and gardenwatering lawn or garden, standing or walking1.5
lawn and gardenweeding, cultivating garden, light-to-moderate effort3.5
lawn and gardenweeding, cultivating garden4.5
lawn and gardenweeding, cultivating garden, using a hoe, moderate-to-vigorous effort5
lawn and gardengardening, general, moderate effort3.8
lawn and gardenpicking fruit off trees, picking fruits/vegetables, moderate effort3.5
lawn and gardenpicking fruit off trees, gleaning fruits, picking fruits/vegetables, climbing ladder to pick fruit, vigorous effort4.5
lawn and gardenimplied walking/standing – picking up yard, light, picking flowers or vegetables3.3
lawn and gardenwalking, gathering gardening tools3
lawn and gardenwheelbarrow, pushing garden cart or wheelbarrow5.5
lawn and gardenyard work, general, light effort3
lawn and gardenyard work, general, moderate effort4
lawn and gardenyard work, general, vigorous effort6
miscellaneousboard game playing, sitting1.5
miscellaneouscasino gambling, standing2.5
miscellaneouscard playing,sitting1.5
miscellaneouschess game, sitting1.5
miscellaneouscopying documents, standing1.5
miscellaneousdrawing, writing, painting, standing1.8
miscellaneouslaughing, sitting1
miscellaneoussitting, reading, book, newspaper, etc.1.3
miscellaneoussitting, writing, desk work, typing1.3
miscellaneoussitting, playing traditional video game, computer game1
miscellaneousstanding, talking in person, on the phone, computer, or text messaging, light effort1.8
miscellaneoussitting, talking in person, on the phone, computer, or text messaging, light effort1.5
miscellaneoussitting, studying, general, including reading and/or writing, light effort1.3
miscellaneoussitting, in class, general, including note-taking or class discussion1.8
miscellaneousstanding, reading1.8
miscellaneousstanding, miscellaneous2.5
miscellaneoussitting, arts and crafts, carving wood, weaving, spinning wool, light effort1.8
miscellaneoussitting, arts and crafts, carving wood, weaving, spinning wool, moderate effort3
miscellaneousstanding, arts and crafts, sand painting, carving, weaving, light effort2.5
miscellaneousstanding, arts and crafts, sand painting, carving, weaving, moderate effort3.3
miscellaneousstanding, arts and crafts, sand painting, carving, weaving, vigorous effort3.5
miscellaneousretreat/family reunion activities involving sitting, relaxing, talking, eating1.8
miscellaneousretreat/family reunion activities involving playing games with children3
miscellaneoustouring/traveling/vacation involving riding in a vehicle2
miscellaneoustouring/traveling/vacation involving walking3.5
miscellaneouscamping involving standing, walking, sitting, light-to-moderate effort2.5
miscellaneoussitting at a sporting event, spectator1.5
music playingaccordion, sitting1.8
music playingcello, sitting2.3
music playingconducting orchestra, standing2.3
music playingdouble bass, standing2.5
music playingdrums, sitting3.8
music playingdrumming (e.g., bongo, conga, benbe), moderate, sitting3
music playingflute, sitting2
music playinghorn, standing1.8
music playingpiano, sitting2.3
music playingplaying musical instruments, general2
music playingorgan, sitting2
music playingtrombone, standing3.5
music playingtrumpet, standing1.8
music playingviolin, sitting2.5
music playingwoodwind, sitting1.8
music playingguitar, classical, folk, sitting2
music playingguitar, rock and roll band, standing3
music playingmarching band, baton twirling, walking, moderate pace, general4
music playingmarching band, playing an instrument, walking, brisk pace, general5.5
music playingmarching band, drum major, walking3.5
occupationactive workstation, treadmill desk, walking2.3
occupationairline flight attendant3
occupationbakery, general, moderate effort4
occupationbakery, light effort2
occupationbuilding road, driving heavy machinery6
occupationbuilding road, directing traffic, standing2
occupationcarpentry, general, light effort2.5
occupationcarpentry, general, moderate effort4.3
occupationcarpentry, general, heavy or vigorous effort7
occupationcarrying heavy loads (e.g., bricks, tools)8
occupationcarrying moderate loads up stairs, moving boxes 25-49 lbs8
occupationchambermaid, hotel housekeeper, making bed, cleaning bathroom, pushing cart4
occupationcoal mining, drilling coal, rock5.3
occupationcoal mining, erecting supports5
occupationcoal mining, general5.5
occupationcoal mining, shoveling coal6.3
occupationcook, chef2.5
occupationconstruction, outside, remodeling, new structures (e.g., roof repair, miscellaneous)4
occupationcustodial work, light effort (e.g., cleaning sink and toilet, dusting, vacuuming, light cleaning)2.3
occupationcustodial work, moderate effort (e.g., electric buffer, feathering arena floors, mopping, taking out trash, vacuuming)3.8
occupationelectrical work (e.g., hook up wire, tapping-splicing)3.3
occupationengineer (e.g., mechanical or electrical)1.8
occupationfarming, vigorous effort (e.g., baling hay, cleaning barn)7.8
occupationfarming, moderate effort (e.g., feeding animals, chasing cattle by walking and/or horseback, spreading manure, harvesting crops)4.8
occupationfarming, light effort (e.g., cleaning animal sheds, preparing animal feed)2
occupationfarming, driving tasks (e.g., driving tractor or harvester)2.8
occupationfarming, feeding small animals3.5
occupationfarming, feeding cattle, horses4.3
occupationfarming, hauling water for animals, general hauling water,farming, general hauling water4.3
occupationfarming, taking care of animals (e.g., grooming, brushing, shearing sheep, assisting with birthing, medical care, branding), general4.5
occupationfarming, rice, planting, grain milling activities3.8
occupationfarming, milking by hand, cleaning pails, moderate effort3.5
occupationfarming, milking by machine, light effort1.3
occupationfire fighter, general8
occupationfire fighter, rescue victim, automobile accident, using pike pole6.8
occupationfire fighter, raising and climbing ladder with full gear, simulated fire suppression8
occupationfire fighter, hauling hoses on ground, carrying/hoisting equipment, breaking down walls etc., wearing full gear9
occupationfishing, commercial, light effort3.5
occupationfishing, commercial, moderate effort5
occupationfishing, commercial, vigorous effort7
occupationforestry, ax chopping, very fast, 1.25 kg axe, 51 blows/min, extremely vigorous effort17.5
occupationforestry, ax chopping, slow, 1.25 kg axe, 19 blows/min, moderate effort5
occupationforestry, ax chopping, fast, 1.25 kg axe, 35 blows/min, vigorous effort8
occupationforestry, moderate effort (e.g., sawing wood with power saw, weeding, hoeing)4.5
occupationforestry, vigorous effort (e.g., barking, felling, or trimming trees, carrying or stacking logs, planting seeds, sawing lumber by hand)8
occupationgarbage collector, walking, dumping bins into truck4
occupationhairstylist (e.g., plaiting hair, manicure, make-up artist)1.8
occupationhorse grooming, including feeding, cleaning stalls, bathing, brushing, clipping, longeing and exercising horses7.3
occupationhorse, feeding, watering, cleaning stalls, implied walking and lifting loads4.3
occupationhorse racing, galloping7.3
occupationhorse racing, trotting5.8
occupationhorse racing, walking3.8
occupationkitchen maid3
occupationlawn keeper, yard work, general4
occupationlaundry worker3.3
occupationmachine tooling (e.g., machining, working sheet metal, machine fitter, operating lathe, welding) light-to-moderate effort3
occupationMachine tooling, operating punch press, moderate effort5
occupationmanager, property1.8
occupationmanual or unskilled labor, general, light effort2.8
occupationmanual or unskilled labor, general, moderate effort4.5
occupationmanual or unskilled labor, general, vigorous effort6.5
occupationmasonry, concrete, moderate effort4.3
occupationmasonry, concrete, light effort2.5
occupationmassage therapist, standing4
occupationmoving, carrying or pushing heavy objects, 75 lbs or more, only active time (e.g., desks, moving van work)7.5
occupationskindiving or SCUBA diving as a frogman, Navy Seal12
occupationoperating heavy duty equipment, automated, not driving2.5
occupationorange grove work, picking fruit4.5
occupationpainting,house, furniture, moderate effort3.3
occupationplumbing activities3
occupationprinting, paper industry worker, standing2
occupationpolice, directing traffic, standing2.5
occupationpolice, driving a squad car, sitting2.5
occupationpolice, riding in a squad car, sitting1.3
occupationpolice, making an arrest, standing4
occupationpostal carrier, walking to deliver mail2.3
occupationshoe repair, general2
occupationshoveling, digging ditches7.8
occupationshoveling, more than 16 lbs/minute, deep digging, vigorous effort8.8
occupationshoveling, less than 10 lbs/minute, moderate effort5
occupationshoveling, 10 to 15 lbs/minute, vigorous effort6.5
occupationsitting tasks, light effort (e.g., office work, chemistry lab work, computer work, light assembly repair, watch repair, reading, desk work)1.5
occupationsitting meetings, light effort, general, and/or with talking involved (e.g., eating at a business meeting)1.5
occupationsitting tasks, moderate effort (e.g., pushing heavy levers, riding mower/forklift, crane operation)2.5
occupationsitting, teaching stretching or yoga, or light effort exercise class2.8
occupationstanding tasks, light effort (e.g., bartending, store clerk, assembling, filing, duplicating, librarian, putting up a Christmas tree, standing and talking at work, changing clothes when teaching physical education, standing)3
occupationstanding, light/moderate effort (e.g., assemble/repair heavy parts, welding,stocking parts,auto repair,standing, packing boxes, nursing patient care)3
occupationstanding, moderate effort, lifting items continuously, 10 – 20 lbs, with limited walking or resting4.5
occupationstanding, moderate effort, intermittent lifting 50 lbs, hitch/twisting ropes3.5
occupationstanding, moderate/heavy tasks (e.g., lifting more than 50 lbs, masonry, painting, paper hanging)4.5
occupationsteel mill, moderate effort (e.g., fettling, forging, tipping molds)5.3
occupationsteel mill, vigorous effort (e.g., hand rolling, merchant mill rolling, removing slag, tending furnace)8.3
occupationtailoring, cutting fabric2.3
occupationtailoring, general2.5
occupationtailoring, hand sewing1.8
occupationtailoring, machine sewing2.5
occupationtailoring, pressing3.5
occupationtailoring, weaving, light effort (e.g., finishing operations, washing, dyeing, inspecting cloth, counting yards, paperwork)2
occupationtailoring, weaving, moderate effort (e.g., spinning and weaving operations, delivering boxes of yam to spinners, loading of warp bean, pinwinding, conewinding, warping, cloth cutting)4
occupationtruck driving, loading and unloading truck, tying down load, standing, walking and carrying heavy loads6.5
occupationTruck, driving delivery truck, taxi, shuttlebus, school bus2
occupationtyping, electric, manual or computer1.3
occupationusing heavy power tools such as pneumatic tools (e.g., jackhammers, drills)6.3
occupationusing heavy tools (not power) such as shovel, pick, tunnel bar, spade8
occupationwalking on job, less than 2.0 mph, very slow speed, in office or lab area2
occupationwalking on job, 3.0 mph, in office, moderate speed, not carrying anything3.5
occupationwalking on job, 3.5 mph, in office, brisk speed, not carrying anything4.3
occupationwalking on job, 2.5 mph, slow speed and carrying light objects less than 25 lbs3.5
occupationwalking, gathering things at work, ready to leave3
occupationwalking, 2.5 mph, slow speed, carrying heavy objects more than 25 lbs3.8
occupationwalking, 3.0 mph, moderately and carrying light objects less than 25 lbs4.5
occupationwalking, pushing a wheelchair3.5
occupationwalking, 3.5 mph, briskly and carrying objects less than 25 lbs4.8
occupationwalking or walk downstairs or standing, carrying objects about 25 to 49 lbs5
occupationwalking or walk downstairs or standing, carrying objects about 50 to 74 lbs6.5
occupationwalking or walk downstairs or standing, carrying objects about 75 to 99 lbs7.5
occupationwalking or walk downstairs or standing, carrying objects about 100 lbs or more8.5
occupationworking in scene shop, theater actor, backstage employee3
runningjog/walk combination (jogging component of less than 10 minutes)6
runningjogging, general7
runningjogging, in place8
runningjogging, on a mini-tramp4.5
runningRunning, 4 mph (13 min/mile)6
runningrunning, 5 mph (12 min/mile)8.3
runningrunning, 5.2 mph (11.5 min/mile)9
runningrunning, 6 mph (10 min/mile)9.8
runningrunning, 6.7 mph (9 min/mile)10.5
runningrunning, 7 mph (8.5 min/mile)11
runningrunning, 7.5 mph (8 min/mile)11.5
runningrunning, 8 mph (7.5 min/mile)11.8
runningrunning, 8.6 mph (7 min/mile)12.3
runningrunning, 9 mph (6.5 min/mile)12.8
runningrunning, 10 mph (6 min/mile)14.5
runningrunning, 11 mph (5.5 min/mile)16
runningrunning, 12 mph (5 min/mile)19
runningrunning, 13 mph (4.6 min/mile)19.8
runningrunning, 14 mph (4.3 min/mile)23
runningrunning, cross country9
runningrunning, stairs, up15
runningrunning, on a track, team practice10
runningrunning, training, pushing a wheelchair or baby carrier8
runningrunning, marathon13.3
self caregetting ready for bed, general, standing2.3
self caresitting on toilet, eliminating while standing or squatting1.8
self carebathing, sitting1.5
self caredressing, undressing, standing or sitting2.5
self careeating, sitting1.5
self caretalking and eating or eating only, standing2
self caretaking medication, sitting or standing1.5
self caregrooming, washing hands, shaving, brushing teeth, putting on make-up, sitting or standing2
self carehairstyling, standing2.5
self carehaving hair or nails done by someone else, sitting1.3
self careshowering, toweling off, standing2
sexual activityactive, vigorous effort2.8
sexual activitygeneral, moderate effort1.8
sexual activitypassive, light effort, kissing, hugging1.3
sportsAlaska Native Games, Eskimo Olympics, general5.5
sportsarchery, non-hunting4.3
sportsbadminton, competitive7
sportsbadminton, social singles and doubles, general5.5
sportsbasketball, game8
sportsbasketball, non-game, general6
sportsbasketball, general6.5
sportsbasketball, officiating7
sportsbasketball, shooting baskets4.5
sportsbasketball, drills, practice9.3
sportsbasketball, wheelchair7.8
sportsbowling, indoor, bowling alley3.8
sportsboxing, in ring, general12.8
sportsboxing, punching bag5.5
sportsboxing, sparring7.8
sportschildren’s games, adults playing (e.g., hopscotch, 4-square, dodgeball, playground apparatus, t-ball, tetherball, marbles, arcade games), moderate effort5.8
sportscheerleading, gymnastic moves, competitive6
sportscoaching, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, etc.4
sportscoaching, actively playing sport with players8
sportscricket, batting, bowling, fielding4.8
sportsdarts, wall or lawn2.5
sportsdrag racing, pushing or driving a car6
sportsauto racing, open wheel8.5
sportsfootball, competitive8
sportsfootball, touch, flag, general8
sportsfootball, touch, flag, light effort4
sportsfootball or baseball, playing catch2.5
sportsfrisbee playing, general3
sportsfrisbee, ultimate8
sportsgolf, general4.8
sportsgolf, walking, carrying clubs4.3
sportsgolf, miniature, driving range3
sportsgolf, walking, pulling clubs5.3
sportsgolf, using power cart3.5
sportsgymnastics, general3.8
sportshacky sack4
sportshandball, general12
sportshandball, team8
sportshigh ropes course, multiple elements4
sportshang gliding3.5
sportshockey, field7.8
sportshockey, ice, general8
sportshockey, ice, competitive10
sportshorseback riding, general5.5
sportshorse chores, feeding, watering, cleaning stalls, implied walking and lifting loads4.3
sportssaddling, cleaning, grooming, harnessing and unharnessing horse4.5
sportshorseback riding, trotting5.8
sportshorseback riding, canter or gallop7.3
sportshorseback riding,walking3.8
sportshorseback riding, jumping9
sportshorse cart, driving, standing or sitting1.8
sportshorseshoe pitching, quoits3
sportsjai alai12
sportsmartial arts, different types, slower pace, novice performers, practice5.3
sportsmartial arts, different types, moderate pace (e.g., judo, jujitsu, karate, kick boxing, tae kwan do, tai-bo, Muay Thai boxing)10.3
sportslawn bowling, bocce ball, outdoor3.3
sportsmoto-cross, off-road motor sports, all-terrain vehicle, general4
sportspaddleball, competitive10
sportspaddleball, casual, general6
sportspolo, on horseback8
sportsracquetball, competitive10
sportsracquetball, general7
sportsrock or mountain climbing8
sportsrock climbing, ascending rock, high difficulty7.5
sportsrock climbing, ascending or traversing rock, low-to-moderate difficulty5.8
sportsrock climbing, rappelling5
sportsrodeo sports, general, light effort4
sportsrodeo sports, general, moderate effort5.5
sportsrodeo sports, general, vigorous effort7
sportsrope jumping, fast pace, 120-160 skips/min12.3
sportsrope jumping, moderate pace, 100-120 skips/min, general, 2 foot skip, plain bounce11.8
sportsrope jumping, slow pace, < 100 skips/min, 2 foot skip, rhythm bounce8.8
sportsrugby, union, team, competitive8.3
sportsrugby, touch, non-competitive6.3
sportsskateboarding, general, moderate effort5
sportsskateboarding, competitive, vigorous effort6
sportsskating, roller7
sportsrollerblading, in-line skating, 14.4 km/h (9.0 mph), recreational pace7.5
sportsrollerblading, in-line skating, 17.7 km/h (11.0 mph), moderate pace, exercise training9.8
sportsrollerblading, in-line skating, 21.0 to 21.7 km/h (13.0 to 13.6 mph), fast pace, exercise training12.3
sportsrollerblading, in-line skating, 24.0 km/h (15.0 mph), maximal effort14
sportsskydiving, base jumping, bungee jumping3.5
sportssoccer, competitive10
sportssoccer, casual, general7
sportssoftball or baseball, fast or slow pitch, general5
sportssoftball, practice4
sportssoftball, officiating4
sportssoftball, pitching6
sportssports spectator, very excited, emotional, physically moving3.3
sportssquash, general7.3
sportstable tennis, ping pong4
sportstai chi, qi gong, general3
sportstai chi, qi gong, sitting, light effort1.5
sportstennis, general7.3
sportstennis, doubles6
sportstennis, doubles4.5
sportstennis, singles8
sportstennis, hitting balls, non-game play, moderate effort5
sportstrampoline, recreational3.5
sportstrampoline, competitive4.5
sportsvolleyball, competitive, in gymnasium6
sportsvolleyball, non-competitive, 6 – 9 member team, general3
sportsvolleyball, beach, in sand8
sportswrestling (one match = 5 minutes)6
sportswallyball, general7
sportstrack and field (e.g., shot, discus, hammer throw)4
sportstrack and field (e.g., high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, pole vault)6
sportstrack and field (e.g., steeplechase, hurdles)10
transportationautomobile or light truck (not a semi) driving2.5
transportationriding in a car or truck1.3
transportationriding in a bus or train1.3
transportationflying airplane or helicopter1.8
transportationmotor scooter, motorcycle3.5
transportationpulling rickshaw6.3
transportationpushing plane in and out of hangar6
transportationtruck, semi, tractor, > 1 ton, or bus, driving2.5
transportationwalking for transportation, 2.8-3.2 mph, level, moderate pace, firm surface3.5
walkingbackpacking, hiking or organized walking with a daypack7.8
walkingcarrying 15 pound load (e.g. suitcase), level ground or downstairs5
walkingcarrying 15 lb child, slow walking2.3
walkingcarrying load upstairs, general8.3
walkingcarrying 1 to 15 lb load, upstairs5
walkingcarrying 16 to 24 lb load, upstairs6
walkingcarrying 25 to 49 lb load, upstairs8
walkingcarrying 50 to 74 lb load, upstairs10
walkingcarrying > 74 lb load, upstairs12
walkingloading /unloading a car, implied walking3.5
walkingclimbing hills, no load6.3
walkingclimbing hills with 0 to 9 lb load6.5
walkingclimbing hills with 10 to 20 lb load7.3
walkingclimbing hills with 21 to 42 lb load8.3
walkingclimbing hills with 42+ lb load9
walkingdescending stairs3.5
walkinghiking, cross country6
walkinghiking or walking at a normal pace through fields and hillsides5.3
walkingbird watching, slow walk2.5
walkingmarching, moderate speed, military, no pack4.5
walkingmarching rapidly, military, no pack8
walkingpushing or pulling stroller with child or walking with children, 2.5 to 3.1 mph4
walkingpushing a wheelchair, non-occupational3.8
walkingrace walking6.5
walkingstair climbing, using or climbing up ladder8
walkingstair climbing, slow pace4
walkingstair climbing, fast pace8.8
walkingusing crutches5
walkingwalking, household2
walkingwalking, less than 2.0 mph, level, strolling, very slow2
walkingwalking, 2.0 mph, level, slow pace, firm surface2.8
walkingwalking for pleasure3.5
walkingwalking from house to car or bus, from car or bus to go places, from car or bus to and from the worksite2.5
walkingwalking to neighbor’s house or family’s house for social reasons2.5
walkingwalking the dog3
walkingwalking, 2.5 mph, level, firm surface3
walkingwalking, 2.5 mph, downhill3.3
walkingwalking, 2.8 to 3.2 mph, level, moderate pace, firm surface3.5
walkingwalking, 3.5 mph, level, brisk, firm surface, walking for exercise4.3
walkingwalking, 2.9 to 3.5 mph, uphill, 1 to 5% grade5.3
walkingwalking, 2.9 to 3.5 mph, uphill, 6% to 15% grade8
walkingwalking, 4.0 mph, level, firm surface, very brisk pace5
walkingwalking, 4.5 mph, level, firm surface, very, very brisk7
walkingwalking, 5.0 mph, level, firm surface8.3
walkingwalking, 5.0 mph, uphill, 3% grade9.8
walkingwalking, for pleasure, work break3.5
walkingwalking, grass track4.8
walkingwalking, normal pace, plowed field or sand4.5
walkingwalking, to work or class4
walkingwalking, to and from an outhouse2.5
walkingwalking, for exercise, 3.5 to 4 mph, with ski poles, Nordic walking, level, moderate pace4.8
walkingwalking, for exercise, 5.0 mph, with ski poles, Nordic walking, level, fast pace9.5
walkingwalking, for exercise, with ski poles, Nordic walking, uphill6.8
walkingwalking, backwards, 3.5 mph, level6
walkingwalking, backwards, 3.5 mph, uphill, 5% grade8
water activitiesboating, power, driving2.5
water activitiesboating, power, passenger, light1.3
water activitiescanoeing, on camping trip4
water activitiescanoeing, harvesting wild rice, knocking rice off the stalks3.3
water activitiescanoeing, portaging7
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, 2.0-3.9 mph, light effort2.8
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, 4.0-5.9 mph, moderate effort5.8
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, kayaking, competition, >6 mph, vigorous effort12.5
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, for pleasure, general3.5
water activitiescanoeing, rowing, in competition, or crew or sculling12
water activitiesdiving, springboard or platform3
water activitieskayaking, moderate effort5
water activitiespaddle boat4
water activitiessailing, boat and board sailing, windsurfing, ice sailing, general3
water activitiessailing, in competition4.5
water activitiessailing, Sunfish/Laser/Hobby Cat, Keel boats, ocean sailing, yachting, leisure3.3
water activitiesskiing, water or wakeboarding6
water activitiesjet skiing, driving, in water7
water activitiesskindiving, fast15.8
water activitiesskindiving, moderate11.8
water activitiesskindiving, scuba diving, general7
water activitiessnorkeling5
water activitiessurfing, body or board, general3
water activitiessurfing, body or board, competitive5
water activitiespaddle boarding, standing6
water activitiesswimming laps, freestyle, fast, vigorous effort9.8
water activitiesswimming laps, freestyle, front crawl, slow, light or moderate effort5.8
water activitiesswimming, backstroke, general, training or competition9.5
water activitiesswimming, backstroke, recreational4.8
water activitiesswimming, breaststroke, general, training or competition10.3
water activitiesswimming, breaststroke, recreational5.3
water activitiesswimming, butterfly, general13.8
water activitiesswimming, crawl, fast speed, ~75 yards/minute, vigorous effort10
water activitiesswimming, crawl, medium speed, ~50 yards/minute, vigorous effort8.3
water activitiesswimming, lake, ocean, river6
water activitiesswimming, leisurely, not lap swimming, general6
water activitiesswimming, sidestroke, general7
water activitiesswimming, synchronized8
water activitiesswimming, treading water, fast, vigorous effort9.8
water activitiesswimming, treading water, moderate effort, general3.5
water activitiestubing, floating on a river, general2.3
water activitieswater aerobics, water calisthenics5.5
water activitieswater polo10
water activitieswater volleyball3
water activitieswater jogging9.8
water activitieswater walking, light effort, slow pace2.5
water activitieswater walking, moderate effort, moderate pace4.5
water activitieswater walking, vigorous effort, brisk pace6.8
water activitieswhitewater rafting, kayaking, or canoeing5
water activitieswindsurfing, not pumping for speed5
water activitieswindsurfing or kitesurfing, crossing trial11
water activitieswindsurfing, competition, pumping for speed13.5
winter activitiesdog sledding, mushing7.5
winter activitiesdog sledding, passenger2.5
winter activitiesmoving ice house, set up/drill holes6
winter activitiesice fishing, sitting2
winter activitiesskating, ice dancing14
winter activitiesskating, ice, 9 mph or less5.5
winter activitiesskating, ice, general7
winter activitiesskating, ice, rapidly, more than 9 mph, not competitive9
winter activitiesskating, speed, competitive13.3
winter activitiesski jumping, climb up carrying skis7
winter activitiesskiing, general7
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, 2.5 mph, slow or light effort, ski walking6.8
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, 4.0-4.9 mph, moderate speed and effort, general9
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, 5.0-7.9 mph, brisk speed, vigorous effort12.5
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, >8.0 mph, elite skier, racing15
winter activitiesskiing, cross country, hard snow, uphill, maximum, snow mountaineering15.5
winter activitiesskiing, cross-country, skating13.3
winter activitiesskiing, cross-country, biathlon, skating technique13.5
winter activitiesskiing, downhill, alpine or snowboarding, light effort, active time only4.3
winter activitiesskiing, downhill, alpine or snowboarding, moderate effort, general, active time only5.3
winter activitiesskiing, downhill, vigorous effort, racing8
winter activitiesskiing, roller, elite racers12.5
winter activitiessledding, tobogganing, bobsledding, luge7
winter activitiessnow shoeing, moderate effort5.3
winter activitiessnow shoeing, vigorous effort10
winter activitiessnowmobiling, driving, moderate3.5
winter activitiessnowmobiling, passenger2
winter activitiessnow shoveling, by hand, moderate effort5.3
winter activitiessnow shoveling, by hand, vigorous effort7.5
winter activitiessnow blower, walking and pushing2.5
religious activitiessitting in church, in service, attending a ceremony, sitting quietly1.3
religious activitiessitting, playing an instrument at church2
religious activitiessitting in church, talking or singing, attending a ceremony, sitting, active participation1.8
religious activitiessitting, reading religious materials at home1.3
religious activitiesstanding quietly in church, attending a ceremony1.3
religious activitiesstanding, singing in church, attending a ceremony, standing, active participation2
religious activitieskneeling in church or at home, praying1.3
religious activitiesstanding, talking in church1.8
religious activitieswalking in church2
religious activitieswalking, less than 2.0 mph, very slow2
religious activitieswalking, 3.0 mph, moderate speed, not carrying anything3.5
religious activitieswalking, 3.5 mph, brisk speed, not carrying anything4.3
religious activitieswalk/stand combination for religious purposes, usher2
religious activitiespraise with dance or run, spiritual dancing in church5
religious activitiesserving food at church2.5
religious activitiespreparing food at church2
religious activitieswashing dishes, cleaning kitchen at church3.3
religious activitieseating at church1.5
religious activitieseating/talking at church or standing eating, American Indian Feast days2
religious activitiescleaning church3.3
religious activitiesgeneral yard work at church4
religious activitiesstanding, moderate effort (e.g., lifting heavy objects, assembling at fast rate)3.5
religious activitiesStanding, moderate-to-heavy effort, manual labor, lifting 50 lbs, heavy maintenance4.5
religious activitiestyping, electric, manual, or computer1.3
volunteer activitiessitting, meeting, general, and/or with talking involved1.5
volunteer activitiessitting, light office work, in general1.5
volunteer activitiessitting, moderate work2.5
volunteer activitiesstanding, light work (filing, talking, assembling)2.3
volunteer activitiessitting, child care, only active periods2
volunteer activitiesstanding, child care, only active periods3
volunteer activitieswalk/run play with children, moderate, only active periods3.5
volunteer activitieswalk/run play with children, vigorous, only active periods5.8
volunteer activitiesstanding, light/moderate work (e.g., pack boxes, assemble/repair, set up chairs/furniture)3
volunteer activitiesstanding, moderate (lifting 50 lbs., assembling at fast rate)3.5
volunteer activitiesstanding, moderate/heavy work4.5
volunteer activitiestyping, electric, manual, or computer1.3
volunteer activitieswalking, less than 2.0 mph, very slow2
volunteer activitieswalking, 3.0 mph, moderate speed, not carrying anything3.5
volunteer activitieswalking, 3.5 mph, brisk speed, not carrying anything4.3
volunteer activitieswalking, 2.5 mph slowly and carrying objects less than 25 lbs3.5
volunteer activitieswalking, 3.0 mph moderately and carrying objects less than 25 lbs, pushing something4.5
volunteer activitieswalking, 3.5 mph, briskly and carrying objects less than 25 lbs4.8
volunteer activitieswalk/stand combination, for volunteer purposes3


Barbara E. Ainsworth, et al., “2011 Compendium of Physical Activities: A Second Update of Codes and MET Values, and Science in Sports and Exercise, Aug. 2011