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Calories Burned during 250 Activities

How does golf compare to other activities in terms of calories burned?

Golf: 125-454
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Aerobics: 415-829 calories/hour
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Shoveling snow: 341-682 calories/hour
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The amount of calories burned during an activity is one indicator of its physical rigor. Out of a list of 250 activities ranging from washing a car to swimming laps, playing golf (while carrying a golf bag) ranked #101 in the number of calories burned per hour. The golf calorie data below come from Neil Wolkodoff’s “An Exercise in Futility,” which was published in the Apr. 2009 issue of Colorado Avid Golfer. The calculations for the other activities come from the 2011 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise study “2011 Compendium of Physical Activities: A Second Update of Codes and MET Values,” by BE Ainsworth, WL Haskell, SD Hermann, N Meckes et al., which included 800+ activities in their study. See our methodology for calculating calories or view the chart of 250 activities ordered by category.
Calories Burned Per Hour During 250 Activities, Based on Weight (Ranked from Highest to Lowest Calorie Burning Activities)


150golf, carrying a bag227273361454
172golf, riding in cart125150206250
188golf, using a caddy193232307386
234golf, using a pushcart222266359442
1running, 14 mph (4.3 min/mile) 1,3061,5692,0912,613
2bicycling: mountain, competitive, racing9091,0911,4541,818
3running, stairs, up8521,0231,3641,704
4running, 10 mph (6 min/mile)8249891,3182,613
5swimming, butterfly, general7849411,2541,568
6running, marathon7559071,2091,511
7skating, speed, competitive7559071,2091,511
8boxing, in ring, general7278731,1641,454
9rope skipping, general6998391,1181,397
10skindiving or SCUBA diving as a frogman, Navy Seal6828181,0911,363
11handball, general6828181,0911,363
12jai alai6828181,0911,363
13canoeing, rowing, in competition, or crew or sculling 6828181,0911,363
14rope jumping, moderate pace, 100-120 skips/min, general, 2 foot skip, plain bounce6708051,0731,340
15running, 7.5 mph (8 min/mile)6537841,0451,306
16ballroom dancing, competitive, general 6427711,0271,284
17windsurfing or kitesurfing, crossing trial6257501,0001,250
18martial arts, different types, moderate pace (e.g., judo, jujitsu, karate, kick boxing, tae kwan do, tai-bo, Muay Thai boxing)5857029361,170
19swimming, breaststroke, general, training or competition5857029361,170
20hockey, ice, competitive5686829091,136
21paddleball, competitive5686829091,136
22racquetball, competitive5686829091,136
23soccer, competitive5686829091,136
24track and field (e.g., steeplechase, hurdles)5686829091,136
25water polo5686829091,136
26running, 6 mph (10 min/mile)5576688911,113
27rollerblading, in-line skating, 17.7 km/h (11.0 mph), moderate pace, exercise training5576688911,113
28swimming, backstroke, general, training or competition5406488641,079
29running, cross country5116148181,022
31bicycling: BMX483580773966
32bicycling: mountain, general483580773966
33bicycling, stationary, RPM/Spin bike class 483580773966
34bench step class, general 483580773966
35auto racing, open wheel483580773966
36rugby, union, team, competitive471566754943
37fire fighter, general454546727909
39running, training, pushing a wheelchair or baby carrier454546727909
40basketball, game 454546727909
41football, competitive454546727909
42football, touch, flag, general 454546727909
43frisbee, ultimate454546727909
44handball, team454546727909
45hockey, ice, general454546727909
47polo, on horseback454546727909
48rock or mountain climbing 454546727909
49tennis, singles 454546727909
50volleyball, beach, in sand454546727909
51swimming, synchronized454546727909
52health club exercise, conditioning classes443532709886
53general dancing (e.g., disco, folk, Irish step dancing, line dancing, polka, contra, country)443532709886
54shoveling, digging ditches443532709886
55basketball, wheelchair443532709886
56boxing, sparring443532709886
57hockey, field443532709886
58bicycling: general426512682852
59rollerblading, in-line skating, 14.4 km/h (9.0 mph), recreational pace426512682852
60dog sledding, mushing 426512682852
61aerobic, general415498664829
62aerobic, high impact415498664829
63squash, general 415498664829
64tennis, general415498664829
65climbing hills with 10 to 20 lb load415498664829
66activity promoting video/arcade game (e.g., Exergaming, Dance Dance Revolution), vigorous effort409491654818
67bicycling, stationary, general398477636795
68jogging, general398477636795
69badminton, competitive 398477636795
72racquetball, general 398477636795
73skating, roller 398477636795
74soccer, casual, general 398477636795
75wallyball, general398477636795
77jet skiing, driving, in water398477636795
78skindiving, scuba diving, general 398477636795
79swimming, sidestroke, general398477636795
80skating, ice, general 398477636795
81skiing, general398477636795
82truck driving, loading and unloading truck, tying down load, standing, walking and carrying heavy loads369443591738
83basketball, general 369443591738
84race walking369443591738
85rugby, touch, non-competitive358430573716
86climbing hills, no load358430573716
87resistance training (weight lifting, free weight, nautilus or universal), power lifting or body building, vigorous effort 341409545682
88slimnastics, jazzercise341409545682
89butchering animal, large, vigorous effort341409318682
91mowing lawn, walk, hand mower 341409545682
92shoveling snow, by hand 341409545682
93building road, driving heavy machinery341409545682
94jog/walk combination 341409545682
95cheerleading, gymnastic moves, competitive 341409545682
96drag racing, pushing or driving a car341409545682
98paddleball, casual, general 341409545682
99skateboarding, competitive, vigorous effort 341409545682
101tennis, doubles341409545682
102volleyball, competitive, in gymnasium341409545682
103wrestling (one match = 5 minutes)341409545682
104track and field (e.g., high jump, long jump, triple jump, javelin, pole vault)341409545682
105walking, backwards, 3.5 mph, level 341409545682
106skiing, water or wakeboarding 341409545682
107paddle boarding, standing341409545682
108swimming, leisurely, not lap swimming, general341409545682
109children’s games, adults playing (e.g., hopscotch, 4-square, dodgeball, playground apparatus, t-ball, tetherball, marbles, arcade games), moderate effort329396527659
110swimming laps, freestyle, front crawl, slow, light or moderate effort329396527659
111health club exercise, general 312375500625
112coal mining, general312375500625
113badminton, social singles and doubles, general312375500625
114boxing, punching bag312375500625
115horseback riding, general312375500625
116rodeo sports, general, moderate effort312375500625
117water aerobics, water calisthenics, water exercise301361482602
118steel mill, moderate effort (e.g., fettling, forging, tipping molds)301361482602
119martial arts, different types, slower pace, novice performers, practice301361482602
120snow shoeing, moderate effort301361482602
122army type obstacle course exercise, boot camp training program 284341455568
123Elliptical trainer, moderate effort 284341455568
124resistance (weight) training, squats , slow or explosive effort284341455568
125ballet, modern, or jazz, general, rehearsal or class284341455568
126aerobic, low impact284341455568
127hunting, general284341455568
128cleaning gutters284341455568
129rock climbing, rappelling284341455568
130skateboarding, general, moderate effort284341455568
131softball or baseball, fast or slow pitch, general 284341455568
132kayaking, moderate effort284341455568
133snorkeling 284341455568
134surfing, body or board, competitive284341455568
135whitewater rafting, kayaking, or canoeing284341455568
136dancing: tap 273327436545
137farming, moderate effort (e.g., feeding animals, chasing cattle by walking and/or horseback, spreading manure, harvesting crops)273327436545
138cricket, batting, bowling, fielding273327436545
139ethnic or cultural dancing (e.g., Greek, Middle Eastern, hula, salsa, merengue, bamba y plena, flamenco, belly, and swing)256307409511
140home repair, general, moderate effort 256307409511
142chopping wood, splitting logs, moderate effort256307409511
143manual or unskilled labor, general, moderate effort256307409511
144orange grove work, picking fruit256307409511
145trampoline, competitive256307409511
146sailing, in competition256307409511
147carpentry, general, moderate effort244293391488
148archery, non-hunting244293391488
149horse chores, feeding, watering, cleaning stalls, implied walking and lifting loads 244293391488
150golf, carrying a bag227273361454
151bicycling: <10 mph, leisure, to work or for pleasure 227273364454
152video exercise workouts, TV conditioning programs (e.g., cardio-resistance), moderate effort227273364454
153yoga, power 227273364454
154elder care, disabled adult, bathing, dressing, moving into and out of bed, only active periods227273364454
155automobile body work227273364454
156raking lawn 227273364454
157yard work, general, moderate effort227273364454
158marching band, baton twirling, walking, moderate pace, general227273364454
159bakery, general, moderate effort227273364454
160chambermaid, hotel housekeeper, making bed, cleaning bathroom, pushing cart227273364454
161massage therapist, standing227273364454
162police, making an arrest, standing227273364454
164hacky sack227273364454
165high ropes course, multiple elements227273364454
167moto-cross, off-road motor sports, all-terrain vehicle, general227273364454
168softball, practice 227273364454
169table tennis, ping pong 227273364454
170track and field (e.g., shot, discus, hammer throw)227273364454
171paddle boat227273364454
172golf, using a pushcart222266359442
173activity promoting video game (e.g., Wii Fit), moderate effort (e.g., aerobic, resistance)216259345432
174calisthenics (e.g., push ups, sit ups, pull-ups, lunges), moderate effort216259345432
175home exercise, general 216259345432
176gardening, general, moderate effort216259345432
177custodial work, moderate effort (e.g., electric buffer, feathering arena floors, mopping, taking out trash, vacuuming)216259345432
178gymnastics, general216259345432
179fishing, general199239318398
180cooking or food preparation, moderate effort199239318398
181scrubbing floors, on hands and knees, scrubbing bathroom, bathtub, moderate effort199239318398
182standing, bathing dog199239318398
183hang gliding199239318398
184skydiving, base jumping, bungee jumping 199239318398
185trampoline, recreational199239318398
186walking for pleasure 199239318398
187canoeing, rowing, for pleasure, general 199239318398
188golf, using a caddy193232307386
189cleaning, sweeping carpet or floors, general187225300375
190kitchen activity, general, (e.g., cooking, washing dishes, cleaning up), moderate effort187225300375
191vacuuming, general, moderate effort187225300375
192making bed, changing linens187225300375
194lawn bowling, bocce ball, outdoor 187225300375
195sports spectator, very excited, emotional, physically moving 187225300375
196cleaning windows, washing windows, general182218291364
197pilates, general 170205273341
198ballroom, slow (e.g., waltz, foxtrot, slow dancing, samba, tango, 19th century dance, mambo, cha cha)170205273341
199butchering animals, small 170205273341
200walking and carrying small child, child weighing 15 lbs or more170205209341
201carpentry, general, workshop 170205273341
202plumbing, general 170205273341
203guitar, rock and roll band, standing170205273341
204airline flight attendant 170205273341
205kitchen maid 170205273341
206standing tasks, light effort (e.g., bartending, store clerk, assembling, filing, duplicating, librarian, putting up a Christmas tree, standing and talking at work, changing clothes when teaching physical education, standing)170205273341
207bowling 170205273341
208frisbee playing, general170205273341
210tai chi, qi gong, general170205273341
211volleyball, non-competitive, 6-9 member team, general170205273341
212walking the dog170205273341
213diving, springboard or platform170205273341
214sailing, boat and board sailing, windsurfing, ice sailing, general 170205273341
215surfing, body or board, general170205273341
216water volleyball170205273341
217sexual activity: active, vigorous effort159191255318
218yoga, Hatha 142171227284
219pistol shooting or trap shooting, standing142171227284
220child care, infant, general 142171227284
221mowing lawn, riding mower 142171227284
222operating snow blower, walking142171227284
223cook, chef142171227284
224operating heavy duty equipment, automated, not driving142171227284
225police, driving a squad car, sitting142171227284
226tailoring, general142171227284
228darts, wall or lawn142171227284
229football or baseball, playing catch142171227284
230stretching, mild131157209261
231walking and carrying small child, child weighing less than 15 lbs131157209261
232elder care, disabled adult, feeding, combing hair, light effort, only active periods131157209261
233postal carrier, walking to deliver mail131157209261
234golf, riding in cart125150206250
235breastfeeding, sitting or reclining 114136318227
236washing and waxing car 114136182227
237playing musical instruments, general 114136182227
239engineer (e.g., mechanical or electrical)102123164204
240hairstylist (e.g., plaiting hair, manicure, make-up artist)102123164204
241sexual activity: general, moderate effort102123164148
242horse cart, driving, standing or sitting102123164204
243sitting, listening to music (not talking or reading) or watching a movie in a theater85102136170
244sitting tasks, light effort (e.g., office work, chemistry lab work, computer work, light assembly repair, watch repair, reading, desk work)85102136170
245knitting, sewing, light effort, wrapping presents, sitting7489300148
246typing, electric, manual or computer7489118148
247sexual activity: passive, light effort, kissing, hugging7489118148
248lying quietly and watching television576891114
The amount of calories burned during one hour was based on a specific activity’s metabolic equivalent of task (MET). Using an activity’s MET, the amount of calories burned can be calculated by multiplying a person’s weight in kilograms (weight in lbs/2.2) by MET. For example, the MET for playing golf while carrying a bag is 4.0. A person who weighs 125 lbs can convert their weight to kg by dividing 125 lbs by 2.2, which equals 56.8 kg. They would then multiply 56.8 kg by golf’s MET of 4.0 to determine that they burn 227 calories an hour while carrying clubs (56.8 kg x 4.0 MET = 227 calories/hour). In the above chart, the calories burned for golf were based on MET values from Neil Wolkodoff’s “An Exercise in Futility,” which was published in the Apr. 2009 issue of Colorado Avid Golfer. The METs for the other activities come from the 2011 Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise study “2011 Compendium of Physical Activities: A Second Update of Codes and MET Values,” by BE Ainsworth, WL Haskell, SD Hermann, N Meckes et al. We narrowed the study’s list of 800+ activities down to 250 based on popularity or novelty of activity.