Is Golf a Sport?
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Is Golf a Sport?

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  • +32 +67 -35 Hector Nov. 28, 2012
    "Not only does it require physical exertion, it requires the golfer to determine how hard or soft he needs to swing the club to hit the ball the proper distance. It also requires a lot of dexterity and muscle memory. It is very difficult to hit a golf ball in the exact direction you need to hit it."
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    • -5 +2 -7 bob Mar. 27, 2013
      "Look at baseball a good hitter can make the ball go where they want. Also golf is Not a sport because You are not that active and it is defined in the dicanary as a game not a sport. You dtill have a good point though."
  • +19 +44 -25 Nate Nov. 7, 2012
    "The definition of a sport is as follows. "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others." A argument cannot be made that golf does not involve physical exertion, and you DEFINITELY cannot argue that it requires no skill."
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    • +1 +1 0 Josh Feb. 3, 2014
      "Not to mention that you compete against others."
    • -5 +1 -6 Adam Mar. 27, 2013
      "Of course an argument can be made that golf does not involve physical exertion. The definition of physical exertion is as follows: "the activity of exerting your muscles in various ways to keep fit." Let's see, pay a caddy to carry your bag and clubs, drive around the course in a golf cart, swing a club a few times, and "stretch" to pick up a ball a few times. Skill? Yes. Physical exertion? No. Golf is most certainly not a sport."
    • -5 +5 -10 tyler Nov. 7, 2012
      "so poker is a sport? fishing? chess? book reading? all these require physical exertion...not a lot..but some.. if you object to any of these being sports then golf also isn't a sport"
  • +14 +43 -29 Jacob Nov. 2, 2012
    "Golf is a sport because it takes strategy, persistence, and athleticism just like football, baseball, and basketball. If you don't think gold is a sport your crazy. If you think its just for old people you should know I'm a 14 year old kid"
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    • +3 +5 -2 Mitch Nov. 6, 2012
      "i thought we were talking about golf.......what is the sport of gold???"
    • -3 0 -3 Davis Jan. 13, 2013
      "Cool! I am 14 years old as well!"
    • -4 +2 -6 Tyler Nov. 5, 2012
      "Yeah, it shows. Athleticism? not even a little bit."
  • +10 +38 -28 Jack Oct. 24, 2012
    "I have golfed and I can tell you that it is definitely a sport. Even though many people argue that it requires no physical exertion, I sweat every time I play, and I am also a football player. Swinging a club over and over is not a joke, it is a sport"
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    • -3 +1 -4 marc Apr. 11, 2013
      "you have to be kidding me. swinging the club over and over and over--what are you missing the ball or something?
      why are you sweating for? there is an hour of rest between each swing! how much time between every putt?

      there is more standing around in golf then there is any game in the world. cmon man."
  • +7 +10 -3 Sam Jan. 6, 2015
    "Golf is a sport due to the amount of skill and precision required to play it. Golf requires practice just like every other sport."
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  • +7 +31 -24 Davis Jan. 13, 2013
    "Golf seems simple. You hit a ball with a club, walk towards it, and hit it again. All of this until you get it into a little hole in the ground. But it isn't as easy as it looks. It requries skill,concentration, and a little bit of luck. This is the easiest sport to learn. But it is the hardest sport to master"
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    • 0 0 0 golfisnotasport Dec. 2, 2014
      "you just talked about how hard gold is not that its a sport"
  • +6 +9 -3 TGIF Dec. 12, 2014
    "For the people on the cin side, think about when football baseball, or even basketball wasn't a sport. During the 1920s, golf was one of the most popular sport in America and Great Britain. They didn't even care if it required "physical exertion" during that time. Also, you can sweat in golf, walking around a 4-8 mile course, in 90 degree weather. They can sweat from the pressure going on in their heads. For example, the golfer is 10 feet away from the hole and needs this putt for a birdie, and he/she wins the game. There are ALOT of people watching him/her hoping that he/she makes that putt. He/she probably doesn't want to let those people down."
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  • +6 +21 -15 jimothy Apr. 29, 2013
    "Golf is as much an organized sport as tennis, swimming, or even table tennis is, and though it may not be to the level of basketball, or football, golf is undoubtedly a sport"
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  • +6 +22 -16 Golf Apr. 25, 2013
    "Obviously it. If you said shot put is a sport, what some people say is that all you do is throw a medal ball. Golf is more than just a sport. You need ton of practice and skill to hit the ball. I remember my friend first playing golf, and he sucked really bad. Also if you say that golf is not a sport, ask other sports legends such as Michael Jordan, or Charles Barkley. They both play golf LOL"
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  • +6 +30 -24 tyler Jan. 23, 2013
    "Even though golf is boring to watch, it is actually a very hard sport. You have to have good focus, good accuracy, and you HAVE to have patients. Golf is like any other sport, it has championships."
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    • 0 0 0 Fishtree Apr. 17, 2013
      "So you HAVE to be a doctor to play golf, so you can have patients? I thought you needed patience"
  • +6 +27 -21 Kitty Noodle Jan. 16, 2013
    "" If you have ever gone to a Sports Authority, you could look around and perhaps find a corquet kit. A croquet kit! If that is in Sports Authority, then why can't golf? Game or sport, you can google it and 50/50 says its either a game or sport. It contains a ball and a goal."
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  • +6 +27 -21 Bobbi Nov. 19, 2012
    "Golf is most definitely a sport. It is physical activity and a offers a more challenging mentality than other sports."
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  • +5 +10 -5 N Dec. 12, 2014
    "Golf is the hardest sport ever to my knowledge. f*** tennis. this is a real mans sport"
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  • +4 +4 0 student in 5th grade Jan. 22, 2015
    "Golf is a sport without a doubt. Golf is a sport any way you look at it. To think that some idiots even consider that golf isn't a sport is sickening. Some people say it's not a sport if you can succeed while being overweight and smoking. Then look at baseball. There are many overweight great players (Big Papi, Prince Fielder) and most guys chew while playing. I wouldn't be surprised if these nut jobs think baseball isn't a sport. Then they say professional players ride in carts, but PGA players walk the entire course. It is beyond me on how people think golf isn't a sport."
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  • +4 +17 -13 chuck Apr. 29, 2013
    "Have any of these naysayers walked 7000 yards carrying a 30 lb bag for 5 hours. The physical and mental toughness to play this far exceeds other Olympic sports (baseball, softball, archery, marksmanship). So let's get real."
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  • +2 +3 -1 Katie Feb. 10, 2015
    "I would like to take all of the people that have written a con comment for a round of 18 holes in the blazing sun- no carts, caddies or breaks in between the 9th and 18th holes and see how each of you come out. And, for the record, there are many overweight baseball, basketball and football players. Did you even think of how much a basketball player is actually on the court playing? Yet golfers spend oftentimes more than five or six hours, and the average one of those players burns over 300 calories per hour. That is around 1,800 to 2,000 calories per round. How's that for unfit or not being physically exerting? Yes, disabled and unfit players may participate, but that is because this sport is not a bone jarring activity like running or jumping that could damage tissues. And for the person that said "It has been stated that in the past golf has never came up to be a sport and it should stay that way until some body else changes Americas idea of a sport:" That's what we are trying to do!"
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  • +2 +7 -5 Juan Oct. 15, 2014
    "what would it be if it's not a sport? A hobby? I think not. It's a sport kiddos."
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  • +1 +9 -8 al Apr. 15, 2014
    "Yes. People say the dance is not a sport but it is and so is golf."
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  • +1 +8 -7 Lucas Beck Apr. 8, 2014
    ""Not only does it require physical exertion, it requires the golfer to determine how hard or soft he needs to swing the club to hit the ball the proper distance. It also requires a lot of dexterity and muscle memory. It is very difficult to hit a golf ball in the exact direction you need to hit it.""
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  • +1 +14 -13 patricia Nov. 15, 2013
    "if you count tennis and ping pong and swimming archey and walking a sport than golf is a sport damnn it!"
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  • +1 +14 -13 Jesse Aug. 23, 2013
    "Of course! If not take it off ESPN."
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  • 0 0 0 Lindsay Mar. 18, 2015
    "I think golf is definitely a sport. Golf will be included in the Olympics starting in 2016 as further evidence of its qualification as a sport.
    Golf goes with the definition of a 'sport.'

    The dictionary says that a sport is "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.

    Like all sports, golf requires physical exertion. Sports require good muscle use, and when you take a golf swing it uses at least 17 muscle groups in the coordinated movement of the hands, wrists, arms, abdomen, and legs.

    Golf falls under the preview of the athletic departments of colleges and universities
    Professional golfers are considered athletes by social media."
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  • 0 +13 -13 R. Platte Jun. 4, 2013
    "With respect to the golf and the Olympics, it really doesn't matter whether golf is considered a sport or a game; they're called the Olympic Games not Olympic Sports. If the Olympic Committee only kept sports in the games, then archery, shooting, equestrian events, and the like would have to be eliminated. The spirit of the Olympics is individual and team competition, and believe me, golf has plenty of both types of competitiveness."
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  • 0 +14 -14 Ken May. 6, 2013
    "Is archery or shooting a sport? nothing physical about either of those two."
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  • 0 +23 -23 Desirae Zimmerman Jan. 23, 2013
    "Yes golf is a sport! Saying golf isn't a sport is like saying Barrel Racing, school band, and swimming aren't sports! Golf is a sport!!!!"
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    • 0 0 0 Bill Dec. 16, 2014
      "school band isnt a sport tho. its a music"
    • -1 0 -1 fishtree Apr. 17, 2013
      "I am voting for swimming as a sport"
  • -1 +22 -23 Ian Nov. 15, 2012
    "It is a sport because it requires us to move, it has an objective, there are rules, and there is a large community that plays it."
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    • 0 0 0 Bill Dec. 16, 2014
      "theres also a large community that plays world of warcraft."
  • -2 +12 -14 ella Apr. 29, 2013
    "I think golf is a sport because you stretch your arm and
    you consentrate on the ball"
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  • -2 +21 -23 Mitch Nov. 6, 2012
    "What Tyler said is completely untrue, you can't say golf requires little to no physical exertion, because its proven it does. This article says that on average a golfer who walks a 9 hole course burns 721 calories. How is that no physical exertion?

    Im not saying it requires an extreme amount of physical exertion, but it certainly requires some."
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    • +1 +2 -1 Mitch Nov. 8, 2012
      "Tyler, maybe if you looked up the definition of a sport, you would save yourself the embarrassment of being wrong.

      no working out is not a sport, and yes it requires physical exertion, but you are forgetting that a sport also has to have competition, and a winner needs to be declared.

      do they declare winners in PGA tournaments? absolutely"
    • +1 +2 -1 Tyler Nov. 7, 2012
      "so? working out requires exertion and is it considered a sport? no."
  • -2 +26 -28 John Faved Oct. 24, 2012
    "It is completely a sport due to its popularity worldwide. I play golf and I know many who play golf too. Swinging clubs for 13 years and they tell me golf is not a sport! Proposterous!"
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    • +2 +3 -1 Levi Nov. 8, 2012
      "Dear John Faved...
      With you saying "It is completely a sport due to its popularity worldwide. I play golf and I know many who play golf too. Swinging clubs for 13 years and they tell me golf is not a sport! Proposterous! " In that first sentence does that make beer a sport? Or even School a sport?"
  • -3 +9 -12 Paul Gottlieb Nov. 25, 2013
    "Interesting that people don't recognize golf as a sport.
    As some have mentioned the fat slobs. Let's take the linemen who are grossly obese and only play perhaps 10 - 15 timed minutes of a game. Yet they are sportsmen! Are you kidding me?
    Anyone who has played rugby,soccer, football ,tennis etc as I have,and then take up golf realize how difficult this sport is.
    It demands hand eye co-ordination,perfect timing, great flexibility and endurance both mental and physical.
    Look at how many prosportsmen fail at this most demanding sport. I used to put it down but not any more. Try playing it all you Cons!"
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  • -3 +20 -23 Josh Boyd Jan. 29, 2013
    "yes I do think golf is a sport. If it wasn't a sport then why is Tiger Woods making millions off it?"
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  • -5 +13 -18 matt Apr. 19, 2013
    "all sports are useless and a waste of time, and expecially money, so yeah golf is a sport"
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  • -8 +18 -26 Tyler Wilson Nov. 27, 2012
    "Yes, Athletes are competing for world championships"
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CON (no) Comments (24)

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  • -1 +2 -3 luke Mar. 2, 2015
    "NO it cant be a sport. sports (such as baseball and football) don't wear khakis and polos. a fat guy could play golf while a fat guy cant play baseball."
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  • -2 0 -2 isaax Mar. 18, 2015
    "golf is not a sport because it is not a rigous sport"
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  • -3 +51 -54 Tyler Oct. 26, 2012
    "It doesn't matter if you sweat or not. It requires little to no physical exertion, and you sweat going in a sauna...does that make it a sport? no."
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    • +1 +6 -5 Tyler Nov. 20, 2012
      "hahahah Please Cevin if you sweat in golf take off your sweater and put on a t-shirt. only reason to sweat is from the sun in golf. I golfed varsity in high school. I know from experience it isn't a sport. maybe you should think before you act?"
    • 0 +1 -1 "K"evin Oct. 26, 2013
      "If my 94 year old grandmother can play golf, its not a sport. Plain and simple. Also, Cevin, I dont know why you spell your name with a C. Anyways, if you sweat while playing golf, you need to lose some weight."
    • 0 +5 -5 Anna Jan. 8, 2013
      "Cevin is right - golfers do work up a sweat while playing. Golfers sweat from walking almost four miles around the course and over different elevations. Golfers sweat from walking into and out of bunkers (some over 5 feet deep requiring stairs to enter and exit.) Golfers sweat from leaning into a hard wind for four hours will moving around the course. I've been playing several years, and it is definitely physically demanding."
    • -1 0 -1 Anonymous Oct. 24, 2013
      "I'm sorry Tyler but aren't we talking about professional athletes here, and not your high school "varsity" team?"
    • -1 +4 -5 Elijah Nov. 8, 2012
      "good call tyler. If you dont sweat, its not a sport."
    • -5 +2 -7 Cevin Nov. 19, 2012
      "You actually do sweat in golf. Maybe you should try it."
  • -4 +4 -8 jon Jan. 9, 2015
    "Golf is not a sport"
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  • -5 +4 -9 Ej Schurman Jan. 7, 2015
    "Golf is not a sport because if you get injured you can still play. If you get hurt in football or basketball you won't be able to play."
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    • 0 0 0 bob Mar. 23, 2015
      "that is not true if you get hurt you can tplay and the difintition of a sport has litterally nothing to do that involves a sport"
  • -5 +18 -23 Not Lucas Apr. 8, 2014
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  • -5 +29 -34 Coco Oct. 25, 2013
    "heeeeeeeellllll no! If my 93 year old disabled grandpa can play it, then it cant be a damn sport! you must be outta your mind.
    Thanks for you time."
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    • +2 +2 0 Evaclair Nov. 15, 2014
      "Dear Coco,

      I believe you gotta it all wrong. Anyone can play a sport no matter what the age or size they are. If your grandma wants to play golf, so be it! Let her play! Golf is a sport and according to studies, golf can teach you a lot more things than a normal game of volleyball or basketball can. Golf teaches you how hard you have to hit the ball to get it in the hole and it can also build up your muscle memory."
  • -6 +2 -8 Dylan Boor Jan. 6, 2015
    "It has been stated that in the past golf has never came up to be a sport and it should stay that way until some body else changes Americas idea of a sport. Football, Baseball , and basketball have taken over American so much that even if it was called a sport I don't think that it would be able to compete with all of these other sports."
    1250 characters left
  • -7 +17 -24 Megan Curtsinger Nov. 25, 2013
    "just because you sre hitting a ball doesnt mean it is a sport"
    1250 characters left
    • +1 +1 0 TGIF Dec. 15, 2014
      "You hit a ball in baseball... Is that not a sport?"
  • -8 +2 -10 Bill Dec. 16, 2014
    "Golf isnt a sport because if you dont sweat its not a sport. the only way to get sweaty in golf is if its really hot outside. golf has to be one of the least athletic activites there is. my dead grandma is just as athletic as most golfers. People retire from actual sports like basketball and soccer and play golf as a hobby. golf isnt all that bad it just shouldt count as a sport."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 bob Mar. 23, 2015
      "not true because the definition of a sport has no relation based on how much you sweat and you kind of do when you play and if u got ur lazy a$$ of the couch and tried it you would be surprised how hard it is"
  • -8 +14 -22 Fenton May. 20, 2013
    "golfing is not a sport,a sport based of of a... somewhat complex map. When you have something fun, that you manipulate it is considered a PLAYTHING. if it has no goal it is a toy if it has a goal it is a challenge. a challenge with no other people is a puzzle if you play it with other people it is a conflict, a conflict with no interference is a competition with interference it is then a game or a sport, golf lacks the direct interference so golfing is NOT a sport"
    1250 characters left
  • -8 +19 -27 marc Apr. 8, 2013
    "if golf is a sport then so is chess, checkers and hungry hungry hippos. you burn more calories and exert more playing hungry hungry hippos. the reason why some of the best athletes cant master golf is because golf isn't a game of athleticism. thats why you can be 90 and fat and still play the game at a high level.

    my question is, why is it such a big dead to you golf enthusiasts for you to insist that golf be labelled as a sport when it clearly isnt? is it the lack of respect? is it because you wear trousers and belt and tuck in your shirt when you go out and play?
    when you look at a real athlete at the end of a real sport, and a golfer at the 18th hole, you tell me who looks like they played a sport.

    stop embarrassing yourselves. it is what it is. there is one thing that separates a game from a sport in the definition, and thats physical exertion. if you tell me that when they swing the club its physical exertion....ill even give you that. and in return i want you to time each swing for me and tell me how many nano seconds you golfers exert in 18 holes.

    thats what i thought."
    1250 characters left
    • -1 0 -1 nick May. 20, 2013
      "it's in the Olympics. it's a sport."
    • -3 0 -3 Jack Apr. 16, 2013
      "Can I just say, while I agree that it doesn't require a lot of exertion, it has been proven that walking an 18 hole course does burn over 700 calories. After I play golf, I certainly don't feel the same as after playing basketball, for example, but I do feel that I have burned some calories"
  • -9 +11 -20 IAS Oct. 9, 2013
    "Golf is most definitely not a sport. You do almost no work and as stated, you can hire a caddy to carry the clubs around. Just because you have to prepare and concentrate mentally doesn't make it a sport. You have to concentrate and prepare for a math test and that definitely isn't a sport. Sports require physical and mental preparedness and exertion. My 70+ year old uncle with back problems is an avid golfer. That alone should prove the ridiculousness of the assumption that golf is a sport in any way shape or form."
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  • -10 +9 -19 El Chapo May. 21, 2014
    "Hi, golf is not a sport, I am always right, you should trust me"
    1250 characters left
    • -2 0 -2 Emily F. age 12 Nov. 21, 2014
      "Uh . . . . Right. Ok. If you're always right, then what happens if you do 0 divided by 0 on the calculator?"
  • -10 +24 -34 bean Mar. 21, 2013
    "No golf is not a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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  • -11 +14 -25 Lloyd Mar. 13, 2013
    "i will not say yes either no. reason being is that their are many fat... sorry overly weighted adult today, who still want the title as athletes. so to them being able to swing your body as hard and fast as they do is like the world most fasted man sprinted a 100m.... in 6second.

    it may not seem like they are doing much, but considering situation from their perspective. they are facing hell man."
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  • -11 +17 -28 sailorishmael@gmail Jan. 13, 2013
    "Golf is an expensive, elitist game not open to all potential contenders. It excludes those who cannot afford it. It excludes those with no access to facilities, either because they live nowhere near a course or because of membership requirements by a local club. By de facto exclusion of much potential competition for qualifications other than athletic, golf gives up its claim to be genuine sport."
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    • 0 0 0 Josh Feb. 3, 2014
      "So anyone can join the NFL/NBA/NHL or any other sports organization? You have to meet requirements to join any type of sport."
  • -12 +11 -23 olek Jun. 21, 2013
    "In general there are only 3 things which differentiate humans from animals: science, art and sport. And sport here means concentration and taking a lot of suffer to perfect in some complex activity. And as a result of that hard work professional athletes are always the best example of fit, fast, strong, good looking personas who encourage average people to maintain themselves and who provide good example what real live self-sacrificing and dedication is. Sportsmen are real super-heroes.
    I'm sorry, but snobby, chubby, lazy and arrogant golfers just are not."
    1250 characters left
  • -14 +22 -36 adarad Jan. 3, 2013
    "Oh, my god!! I swung a club and i am so sore. All of you are seriously idiots if you say golf takes physical activity. I agree it takes skill, but so do video games. Golf is not a sport."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 +1 -1 adarad2 Apr. 25, 2013
      "At least i dont sit around all day getting fat lol, i can probably kill some easily in a game, but can you get a hole in one with one hit???"
  • -15 +9 -24 Ian Jun. 28, 2013
    "No one has ever lost an eye playing Golf. Therefore, it is not a sport."
    1250 characters left
    • 0 0 0 penut Nov. 25, 2013
      "no ones ever lost an eye playin basktball"
  • -15 +20 -35 gavin Feb. 8, 2013
    "it is not sport cuz u walk"
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    • +1 +2 -1 Fishtree Apr. 17, 2013
      "You walk in baseball. Is that not a sport as well?"
  • -18 +22 -40 Bearn Mar. 21, 2013
    "Golf is not a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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  • -20 +12 -32 Fry Feb. 8, 2013
    "Golf does not make the player strive to great lengths to achieve one goal. The feat of walking is a mere one at best, achievable by even the most intellectually challenged insect. When one attempts a round of golf using a cart, all challenges are dwindled to the point at which the purpose of the game is too hit a ball into a hole. All point of watching this pastime is lost."
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  • -27 +16 -43 Aaron Bauer Mar. 13, 2013
    "Golf is not a sport. Volleyball is. Duh."
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